Building a Vibrant Jewish Early Childhood Education Ecosystem

We seek to spark lifelong relationships, identity, and practice for the next generation.

EarlyJ is a multi-pronged, 5-year endeavor to transform the reach, quality, and impact of Jewish community among families with young kids in the Bay Area and beyond.


what we do

EarlyJ includes investment in Jewish Early Childhood Education capacity, educators, community building, and affordability.

leveraging New Research

We are thrilled to share the outcomes of a joint research initiative between the Koret Foundation and EarlyJ, conducted by Rosov Consulting. This comprehensive study delves deep into the world of Early Childhood Education in the Bay Area, shedding light on critical insights, challenges and opportunities that impact our vibrant community.

Explore the wealth of knowledge and insights brought to light through this research, and join us in our mission to continually improve and support Early Childhood Education in the Bay Area. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of our children and the communities they shape. Click here for the full research.

Empowering Educators and Families

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