Community Building


Enriching Jewish Family Engagement

EarlyJ’s mission is to deepen the experience for current Jewish Early Childhood Education families, expand the circle of families who enroll in Jewish preschool, and sustain engagement once kids move on to elementary school.

One of our partners for this work has been the PJ Library Parent Connector Program — a proven, peer-led engagement program. In partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Bay Area Federation, we have a handful of part-time PJ Library Parents organizing programs and building relationships with hundreds of young families in the East Bay. We seek to expand the program across the Bay Area to deepen the impact, focusing on connectors anchored within preschools.

EarlyJ will also delve into new initiatives to support family engagement in the Bay Area.

"Jewish early education is not just about teaching the young generation; it's about shaping the future of our heritage."

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

“I’m delighted that EarlyJ is investing in early childhood education. Jewish preschool was my family’s entry point into the Jewish community. We have maintained close friendships with families we met there. One of our son’s preschool friends was the best man at his wedding.”

Eileen Ruby

funding partner

“This is the first Jewish thing I’ve done since high school."

“I have found my people."

“I’m building my community."

quotes from participants

PJ Library Parent Connector program