Connecting and Mapping Jewish Life in Santa Clara County

Jewish Silicon Valley is conducting a community-wide study to produce a broader and deeper understanding of the makeup and assets of the Jewish community in Santa Clara County. Through this study, they are hoping to establish a continual learning network that is responsive to changes and growth within the community from this point onwards.  Read […]

The Early Learning Study at Harvard

The Early Learning Study at Harvard (ELS@H) is a multi-year study that examines children’s development in the context of their early education and care settings. Findings from the ELS@H show: the importance of a mixed-delivery system of early education and care, the critical role of early educators in driving quality across all setting types despite […]

Research Studies on the Impact of Day School Education

What is the impact of a day school education? This resource provides a review of research studies conducted since the 1990s that address the question of Jewish day school and yeshiva impact. Read the full article here!

Early Childhood Education Can Have Long-term Positive Effects

Local school officials say that early childhood education, particularly preschool and pre-kindergarten, have long-lasting positive effects on a child’s education. With goals like kindergarten readiness and setting up life-long religious and non-religious learning, local Jewish preschool officials said they are working toward preparing young students for their future. Read the full article here!

National Research Shows Jewish Early Childhood Educators Need Support

Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism, in collaboration with partners such as the Jewish Community Centers Association and Chicago’s Jewish United fund, recently conducted a study on early childhood educators’ compensation. The researchers found that Jewish early childhood educators only earn half the wages of their counterparts in public K-12 teaching positions, impacting educators’ quality […]

Using Data to Guide Strategic Grantmaking in Jewish Early Childhood Education

We lead three organizations — Koret Foundation, Rodan Family Foundation and Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta — committed to supporting Jewish life in the Bay Area, in the SF East Bay Area, and in metropolitan Atlanta, respectively. A few years ago, independent of each other, we all wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the […]

Learning About Learning: Conversations with Scholars of Jewish Education

There is great scholarship being done in the field of Jewish education, but it’s not always accessible. And even when it is, it’s not always obvious why people in the field of Jewish education should care about it. That’s what this podcast is about—making really interesting scholarship on Jewish education accessible and talking with scholars […]